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It’s time for investors to step up.
With their full shareholder power, there is still time to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance Analysis 2022

In December 2021, we released our first report on the members of the UN-convened Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance (NZAOA).

One year later, we examined whether or not NZAOA members have become more progressive on climate voting than non-NZAOA peers.

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A wrap up of climate resolutions at Japanese AGMs

Shareholders called for climate action from corporate Japan to ensure financial and reputational security for investors. Read more.

A Global Wrap Up of the 2022 Shareholder Season

Dig in to the ambitious year in climate action by shareholders in leading financial institutions...

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What We’re
Calling For

Institutional investors and asset managers hold shares in virtually every publicly listed company in the world, including oil and gas majors, coal producers, banks, and companies driving deforestation. To ensure assets are managed responsibly and in line with a pathway that will preserve a livable planet for all of us, we’re asking investors to support the transition to a decarbonized economy by:


Implementing assertive, time-bound engagement policies


Voting for shareholder climate resolutions, and against climate-incompetent directors


Exiting fossil fuel companies and other climate-destructive corporations that can’t or won’t transition

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''If companies wanted to invest in ESG initiatives that benefited society they should be allowed to freely do so without government interference.”

New research shows voters are opposed to restrictions on responsible investment by far right Republicans ⬇️

BREAKING: new research suggests multiple CA100+ companies are benefiting from the “green” label but voting against climate-related shareholder resolutions… Find out which ones are leading & lagging here →

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RBC is allergic to accountability and they are on the run! They are the only bank amongst the Big 5 to host their AGM outside of Toronto. I wonder what they're scared of? #rbciskillingme

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