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It’s time for investors to step up.
With their full shareholder power, there is still time to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

Shareholder Resolution at SMBC Group's AGM

At SMBC Group’s annual general meeting on June 29 2022, we are calling on investors to vote in favour of the Market Forces, Japan, Rainforest Action Network and Kiko Network shareholder resolution. This resolution asks SMBC Group to set and disclose short- and medium-term greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for its financed emissions and measures to ensure no contribution to new fossil fuel development.

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Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance Climate Voting Report

Climate Votes publishes a new report examining the Net Zero Asset Owners Alliance (NZAOA) climate voting records and proxy voting, finding that overall, transparency is low and few members exercise their share voting rights.

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Majority Action CA100+ 2022 Report

Fulfilling the Promise: How Climate Action 100+ Investor-Signatories Can Mitigate Systemic Climate Risk.

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What We’re
Calling For

Institutional investors and asset managers hold shares in virtually every publicly listed company in the world, including oil and gas majors, coal producers, banks, and companies driving deforestation. To ensure assets are managed responsibly and in line with a pathway that will preserve a livable planet for all of us, we’re asking investors to support the transition to a decarbonized economy by:


Implementing assertive, time-bound engagement policies


Voting for shareholder climate resolutions, and against climate-incompetent directors


Exiting fossil fuel companies and other climate-destructive corporations that can’t or won’t transition

Our Feed

🆕: 27% of shareholders voted in favour of a climate resolution filed at @smbc_midsouke's AGM calling on the banking group to set and disclose short- and medium-term greenhouse gas emission reduction targets consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Today dozens of activists turned up at Japanese mega-bank @smbc_midosuke AGM to tell them to stop lending billions to fossil fuel expansionists

@EriWatanabeM says the bank must start phasing out fossil fuel financing including the controversial EACOP #StopEACOP


Wednesday 29 June 2022, Japanese corporations have faced a record number of shareholders backing proposals calling for greater action and transparency on meeting net-zero carbon emissions targets.

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